Out Of The Woods: New Plays from the Balkans


June 22, 2021

Tom is a one-time popular musician now making radio jingles for a living. He wants to join his German wife and daughter, who have left the UK after it has become a hostile environment for non-English people. But when Tom is commissioned by the government to write a new national anthem, he becomes trapped between two worlds.


Writer Miran Hadžić was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and raised in London. He visited Kosovo with producer Debo Adebayo to work with acclaimed composer Trimor Dhomi on this 45-minute dark satire on a dystopian UK.


Directed by Mingyu Lin // Music by Trimor Dhomi // Sound Design by Farokh Soltani // Dramaturgy by Fin Kennedy // Additional Dramaturgy by Debo Adebayo. 


A Miran Hadžić production supported by Tamasha, Intent New Theatre, and Arts Council England.




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